Embroidery Products Kit

The second most common form of apparel decoration other than screen printing is embroidery.  Many products, like hats, polos, and bags, can be printed using screen print ink, but simply look better when sewn using an embroidery machine. 

Our embroidery sample kit includes 10 hats, 9 polos, 2 bags, and 1 jacket.  Each product comes grommeted with helpful color, size, material and other information. 

Embroidery requires that artwork be digitized in order to let the machine know where and how many stitches to lay.  Included in our sample kit we convert two logos for two different products, hats & flat objects like polos, jackets, and bags.  Artwork must be digitized differently for hats than flat items and for different sizes of the same artwork.  Digitized artwork cannot be altered when it comes to its size, it must be completely redigitized.  

Our embroidery sample kit is designed to give you and your customers a big picture of the product line and our embroidery quality.  While our embroidery kit is a little expensive at $175 with shipping, we assure you that it is worth every penny.  Your SBE decoration business will have a great foundation of embroidery knowledge and the products you can offer by purchasing our kit.

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